Sunday, October 23, 2011


There's moment when I felt my life was so hopeless ......

I dunno what and how should I do.

Oh GOD, please give me strength to face all this hard time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Final Year !

It's October ! It had been a long time I had not updating my blog. When I viewed my blog post and compared it with last year number of post, it totally a BIG difference. I wonder how come I wrote so much lesser compare with last year T.T.

It's my fifth week of this semester. I had around 8 more weeks to present my FYP 1. When talked about FYP, I still don't have a confirm title yet ! Since I had been assigned to another supervisor, my life more miserable. It was not that he not good or what, it just that he still a new lecturer in my faculty and everything seem blur for me and him. I just wish that I can find my FYP topic and start my engine as soon as possible. Oh GOD, please give me strength to go through all this hard time !!!

I just don't dare imagine my coming soon December life. Assignment due date and FYP presentation - arghhhhhh...... All I want is finish my degree on time and graduate soon :) 

For all peeps that are also same as me in their final year, STAY STRONG AND GOOD LUCK ! =D