Monday, May 31, 2010

Foochow "White Rice Stick"

It was so long time I do not prepare breakfast for my family. So it my time to show my talent..hahaha....

I decide to cook the foochow white rice stick. First, you need to immerse the rice stick with water for around 12 hours. So you need at least prepare it a night before you want cook it.

Finely chop the red onion and garlic

Cut the leek

Slice some chicken
*meat or pork also can be used
Prepare some eggs

Above are the ingredients that you need before start to cook the rice stick.

Cooking Time
Heat the wok
Put some oil

Fry the red onions and garlic until yellowish
Put in the chicken
Fry the eggs and leek. Lastly put the rice stick and fry it for some time.

Finally, the Rice Stick is DONE

Cant wait to try my own cook breakfast!! It not that bad.....=)
*Hope you all can try it at home because it is simple to prepare.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maeklong Railway Market

I am watching Majalah 3 right now because before this I got see it preview about the Maeklong Market which was situated at Thailand. The market is so special since the railway is situated at the centre of the market. We usually know Thailand for its floating market but the Maeklong Railway Market is another attraction and famous among the tourist. 
When the train is coming, they will put off their small "tent". Immediately after the train pass, then they will directly put out their tent and all their selling item. When I saw this scenery, it make me really feel "WOW" !!!!! I really feel unbelievable when saw the way of the market operate and the way they do the business to earn a living.

when train is coming

after the train had passed

 the railway is at center of the market

busy market
selling all kind of stuff

Most of them had started their business for one generation to one generation. So, they were really used to the way of the market operate. They also had knew the time when the train is coming and when to start tidy the selling item before the train reach. 

It really a waste because now Thailand is involve in the crisis  of the RED GANG  make people fear to visit Thai. If not I am sure a lot of people will visit it include myself. Maeklong ....IM COMING SOON !!!



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sparklers Shimmering Grey

It had been so long I'm not update my blog. This few days  I go out from day and back at night. I was busy helped my sister prepared her stuff because she was going to labuan for further her study. When saw her prepared her stuff, it make so miss KML!!! She was so lucky since she was selected for the second intake. She just had one week to prepare all stuff before fly to labuan next wednesday. 

Besides bought her stuff, I'm also not excluded. When we were shopping I dragged her to accompany me to buy a new pairs of contact lens. The promoter promote to us the new 4 color of the FreshKon. I was attracted to the lens because of its price...hahaha...The promoter told us that they had promotion since it was new release. After spent some time to make choice, I finally decided to buy....



the Sparklers Shimmering Grey

it different with the old types of color fusion coz it have ring which make ur eyes bigger ^^

Here are some pictures of me with the the Sparklers Shimmering Grey.

This is the first time I am using grey. For me, the color look just so-so. I more like my purple lens before this...hehehe



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day

This morning I wake quite early because gonna accompany mummy to go tinted the car door's mirror. When we arrive there, 3 of us blur since we are all girls and we dunno anything about the tinted thing. So after talk with the salesman then we make the decision to choose the silver color while the front mirror is tinted black. After 1 hour like that, it finally done. When see them doing it, it not that though.  Just that it need some skill. Overall, it look quite nice..=)  and front seat also seem more cooler than before even though the weather is hot.Then mummy say want go eat "dim sum". So as usual, we go to 2020 at pelita area to eat dim sum. Mum and sister keep forcing me  finish it all because when I back to Kuching, it hard for me to out and eat all that. That why  I love Miri!!! I can eat anything I want and go anywhere I wish.  

 mummy is busy explaining while sis kacau2
 messy hair

 鸡脚-*thumbs up*...they cook it until really soft

wonder what is this but the sambal is spicy


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fujimax Instax Camera

After watched the korean drama "You're Beautiful", I had fell in love with the camera that they use in the drama. It looked like toys camera since it special design and size. It is a family of palaroid camera. It prints credit card-sized photos on bold Fuji film, but retains a classic instant film look that everyone loves. Plus, you've got more control when you're shooting: four exposure settings for indoor/outdoor shooting, a built-in flash, and a sweeping wide angle.. At first, I thought Malaysia does not sell this kind of camera. But last night my sister saw got people selling it through facebook. Then we looked at the photo in the facebook and it make me excited to have one. The chocolate color really attract me a lots and it price was not expensive at all. But, the film will cost me a lot in future if I really have it.

So wish that I can have one....^^

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Sad Morning

I wake up around 430am this morning by my sister. I dunno when was the last time I woke so early..hahaha....But I wake so early is because today daddy gonna go back to Solomon Islands to work and his flight is 6.20 a.m. After around 1 month at Miri, it was time for daddy to go work again. It mean we all at least need  to wait 1 more years then can see daddy again (Oh is a long long time to wait) Everyone are very sad. Daddy also not really want to go actually but he still need to work and earn money for my family. This make me want fast fast graduate and work so that daddy can retire early^^ Anyway, for this moment it is important for me study hard and graduate as first honour degree. Just hope daddy can arrive there safely and work safely. May God bless him. MISS U DAD !!!

                                                              Morning looks....haha

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Homie

No matter where I go, home is still my most love place. 050510(720pm)- finally I had reached to Miri after my flight was delayed for 2 hours. But after see my lil brother and sister were waiting me with my parents, all the unhappy things I also forgot already...hahaha...When back to hometown, the most important things is----> FOOD!!!! I was craving all the nice food for few months. Another most important thing is celebration of Mother's Day. This year was so special since my parents celebrated the Mother's Day for both of my grandmother. So let photos reveal all the happening moment in this few days..^^

                                                              I'm going home=)

                                             the redeem from MAS,forget take food pic 

                                                       dad it!!!
                                               TEA BOX!!! cnt find this in Kuching

                                          The Best Mee Sua in Miri for this moment
                                                        (intro by my parents)
                                                     My notty little brother
                                                chocolate cake for grandmother
                                                            piggy sister..haha
                                                Mummy say "Open the mouth big big"
                                                  pity my done by mummy

I really wish I can stay at my home forever and not just for this two months...hehe....gotcha upload more and more interesting memory for this 2 months holiday !!!!