Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maeklong Railway Market

I am watching Majalah 3 right now because before this I got see it preview about the Maeklong Market which was situated at Thailand. The market is so special since the railway is situated at the centre of the market. We usually know Thailand for its floating market but the Maeklong Railway Market is another attraction and famous among the tourist. 
When the train is coming, they will put off their small "tent". Immediately after the train pass, then they will directly put out their tent and all their selling item. When I saw this scenery, it make me really feel "WOW" !!!!! I really feel unbelievable when saw the way of the market operate and the way they do the business to earn a living.

when train is coming

after the train had passed

 the railway is at center of the market

busy market
selling all kind of stuff

Most of them had started their business for one generation to one generation. So, they were really used to the way of the market operate. They also had knew the time when the train is coming and when to start tidy the selling item before the train reach. 

It really a waste because now Thailand is involve in the crisis  of the RED GANG  make people fear to visit Thai. If not I am sure a lot of people will visit it include myself. Maeklong ....IM COMING SOON !!!



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