Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Can't Wait Anymore

After done with today presentation, I still left one more presentation tomorrow then it will be the full stop for this semester. I really can't wait to end up this semester !!!


People, wish me luck for the tomorrow presentation =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World's Coolest Intern

This is my expression when I receive email from nuffnang about the contest.

6 months internship program + SGD 30 000 + Standard Chartered = COOL

Where else you can find such good pay for internship program?
The answer is only STANDARD CHARTERED

So, why should I be chosen for the internship program with Standard Chartered ? First of all, I am a cool person. Cool doesn't mean that you have to look fierce and no smile on your face. For me, cool is an impression that you give to others no matter in what situation even when you are sad :D

Second, because I'm a CS. CS not for couter strike here..hehe... CS = Cognitive Science. In Malaysia, only my university is offering the course cognitive science. It really a rare subject in Malaysia or even in Asia. As CS student, I learned everything from psychology, programming, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistic and computer science. We learned what engineering, computer science, psychology students are learning. To survive in this course was not an easy task. Believe ME !  As my lecturer said, who was successfully graduated from this course sure was a COOL person since it was not an easy course. I am on my way to graduate in 2012.

Third, I have passion in everything I do and I love adventures. So, 6 months internship sure will have lots of adventures and I always love to challenge myself to do the thing that I never do before in my life. Never give up in everything. If not I am sure I will change my course. I want to challenge myself especially in my study.

So, I wish that I will be chosen to undergoing the 6 months internship :) 

Standard Chartered.. waiting for your good news ^^

Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Homemade Ice-cream in Life

Ice-cream was everyone favorite especially on a hot day.

Yesterday was a memorable day in my life. It was my first time to eat my own homemade ice-cream. WEEEEE..... =D

My housemate and I had decided to try to make the ice -cream after watched the TV program about the simple way to make ice-cream. 

You just need fresh milk, coffemate, vanilla essence and sugar for the ingredient. Just blend all the ingredient together. Then put it into container. This time we wanna try the oreo flavor. So for the last step you just need to add in the oreo crumb. DONE !!! After 8 hours or overnight refrigerated , the ice-cream was READY :)

 oreo flavor <3


Friday, October 22, 2010

B.liv !!!

After I had read one of the blogger post, I had decided to join the DRESS UP BLIV :)

Bliv now is helding a dress up bliv products according your own creativity. The most important is get the 365 "LIKE" to won the grand prize worth US$365.

OH GOSH... this was really tempting me !!!!

 My design

So people, I really need your "Like". 
To vote, here are the steps :

1. Go to your facebook.
 2. Like bliv
 3. ClicLIKE for my picture.

It is just as easy as ABC

I really appreciate for your "like"


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010.2010~His birthday !

It a special date in this year after the 101010 and it was my little brother birthday. 

Happy 12th Birthday to him and wish him fast fast grew up because till now lots of people thought he was till primary 3 or 4. His size was really make people thought that he was still a "budak" . But, next year he gonna step into his secondary life.... even me also felt like unbelievable.

~ Anyway, wish him a "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Post~

Credit to Cheryl :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As usual, today is the 'senggang' day for UNIMAS. I really hate when it come to Wednesday. But, today was a different. I never felt so enjoyed because today activity was rowing.

My friend, Shikin and I had chose to ride the aqua bike. ^^ This was my first time ride it after 1 year in UNIMAS. I was totally excited !!!  Aqua bike really will exercise your leg and it was a long time I had not exercise. It really relaxing to ride the aqua bike around the UNIMAS lake.

Photos during the activities was held :)


 Group photo

 I'm ready

She's ready

 We're ready :)


 New faculty still under construction

Uni life ain't that bad =)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Everyone sure has their own secret. Sometimes, we cannot tell the secret even to our close family, friend or anyone. It will be hard and suffering to keep the secret.

I had a secret and it still remain as secret till now. I really wanna tell everyone that I knew about the secret. But will they accept and understand it? I knew they wont ..... that why it is still remain as secret until now. I wanna try explain before but still I'm fail :(

I'm just wish that I can let the secret out one day and it will be accepted.

Oh GOD... Tell me the right way and what should I do .

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convo Exhibition

 6-11 October was the convo time for UNIMAS. My faculty held some exhibition in our faculty. There are 3 department that involved which is Human Resources Development, Cognitive Science and Counseling. As second year of Cognitive Science, all of  us were involved for the exhibition. Our job was just easy. All we have to do is wait for people visiting and explain to them What is Cognitive Science. :)

This was some pictures that I took during my duty since that time was not much people coming yet :)



 Human Development Psychology

 Handmade clock ^^

 Place to put the pads. Design by my coursemates. I think this is very good since it used recycle container and it quite convenient *thumbs up*
 Ergonomic environment for kindergarten

The Counseling Department

 This is cool. You can know your stress level :)
 I love this 


The counseling lecturers

So, we welcome all  the students, parents and visitors to visit our exhibition at Ground Floor of FCSHD. 

We will start our exhibition from 7-11 October (8am - 5pm except Sunday).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This few days was so busy with all the assignment which will be due almost the same day. I really wish that this month will pass fast. I totally can't stand with it. 

I want to go back home and all people was thinking of that too. :) 

Good luck my friends !

Lately pictures and I had less time to take picture now =.=
Panda eyes are getting serious...haha...

Peace ~

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's October !

2 more months to go then I will be free from the assignments and tests !!!!!

Whole day I'm facing the laptop just to understand the Xcode
but I still can deal with it.
Macbook ar Macbook....
Please Don't Make Joke with me !!!!
Is there anyone out there can teach me how to use Xcode ? 

I need someone to help me with the Xcode