Saturday, June 15, 2013


I think it was a breakthrough today because I managed to go out and having my 'me' time! It was really important for anyone to have their alone time whereby you is having your alone time doing anything that you like. The last time I having my me time was last year during my final year. Secret recipe was my choice. A slice of cake and a cup of mocha had made my day. 

                   Tiramisu my fav!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Please be more respect to elder!

My blog... I miss u so much!!!!! 

I really really don't know why I can not post anything for a month. 
I used to so active in blogging when I was still in my study life. When I had started to work, it was liked I had nothing to write because my everyday life is like a cycle. That really make me like I have nothing to blog about.

Today, I am finally sign in because I feel like I have something to express where I still glad that I had a blog for me to spill it out. Or maybe I love to write  when I feel down. There was unhappy thing that happened which my close one had hurt me. The way of their disrespect was so hurt. I didn't mean to say bad about them. But, I really cannot bear with their manner. I always try my best to play my role as eldest. When they need something, they will ask with so polite manner. When they are not, they can say something that rude which can hurt you. Words are sharper than swords. I truly agree this. Is it because I was too lenient before? Or is my fault to be too lenient till they can take it for granted? My biggest weakness is i'm way too soft-hearted. When their disrespectful was make me heart broken but when they asking for help next time, I still will help them. But, maybe because this had make them became more don't know to respect elder.

Tears and heart broken was happened again and again. I really felt like I'm gonna burst anytime soon. I keep asking God what my fault and at the same time I pray to God so that I can calm down to face all this.

I prayed.