Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Try out Blogger from phone! It seem easier when there is no laptop.

Still few more weeks to my convo. Anticipate for the day ! Till now I'm still unemployed. Keep finding for job and hope can get a job real soon!

Staying at home , relaxing at home with hse renovation is going on. House renovation is no kidding! Lots of dust, everywhere of the corner will be affected by the DUST!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Officially !

Few weeks of waiting and checking finally come to END ! Yesterday, I am officially confirm to graduate !

Can't describe my feeling of happiness. At least, there is black & white that showed I can graduate for the coming October.

Anticipate for the event. 
Another goal of life is achieved.
Wish can continue achieving more and more goals in life! 
Congratulation for all my coursemate and friends that graduate this year! ^^

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hello September ! I hope it won't too late for me to say hello to this new month.

So, this is what happened recently:

1. Done my 10weeks practical in NIOSH Miri. 

Seriously, this 10 weeks I had learnt a lot. What I had gained from this 10 weeks was valuable to me. Spend my internship with my 2 partner, Phoebe & Cheryl. These two girls really make my intern life more WONDERFUL ! Thank you girls and wish both of you have a bright future ^^

Our super awesome SUPERVISOR ! ^^

2. Spending time at beach.

3. Owned my very long awaited instax camera !

What could I say more, I got " Piano Black" as my early convo gift. Thank you for fulfill my this year birthday wish :)

4. Eat lots of food since I'm jobless now..hahaha

 Super big bowl of tom yam mee hun !

Mango addiction

All time favorite laksa !

5. Funfair Mode.