Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friends ?


I wonder is this called process of growing up? You will start realize that it is actually hard for you to find your TRUE friend. Maybe she / he used to be your good friend and you also start to find out that you had found someone that you believe gonna to be your good friend. She/ he will treat you really good till you feel that she/ he was the right person in you life. But, times was the super killer. Time can really fade away all the stuff called "FRIENDSHIP". Change of the environment make the situation getting more severe. I wonder why she/ he can change so drastically. "SORRY" had occurred frequently. "Sorry I cant this...." , "Sorry that I had to change plan because this ..... " Is it me too sensitive? Or is it she /he changed according environment ? However, I felt like been cheat. Seriously, I don't like. She / he had ever asked me not to abandoned her. Yet , now thing was turned the other way round. I tried to tell myself she / he not doing this purposely and maybe she / he really didn't mean it. 

But, now it showed that I was totally wrong ! Today, I just felt that I had been used once again and I kept telling myself that it was not like that. I try to stay positive, think positive and act positive. I just hope that things will turn out well and we will be the same even though we had our own new friend. =) 

Appreciate you friends and do remember what you had said @ promise to your friend. Sometimes, they really took seriously about what you had said. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


15 days had just passed like that. It coming to the end of the chinese new year 2011. 

Happy Chap Goh Meh to everyone and enjoy your night to the fullest ! 

Thanks to Cheryl as my companion for my dinner :)

The soup of the day

Our all time favorite spaghetti

Ocean Tuna Pizza & The Prawns 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Valentine

After disappeared for so long, finally I'm updating my blog again.

It's Valentine's Day again. A day for everyone to express their love to their love one. No matter is your family, friends or your partner. During this weekend, I had spent my day watching movies, shopping and eating. I bought quite lots of stuff for myself. Shopping is really a girl heaven. 

I had watched the "I Love Hong Kong" . It really a nice movie. *Thumbs up* for the producer Eric Tsang "曾志伟”. He produced and directed the movie by himself for his father. The story is about the life of people in Hong Kong and it involved various of Hong Kong famous actor and actress. It make me laugh throughout the whole movie. Guys, you should watch it.

By the way, I bought myself a table. I want it for so long already. 

For all people who is celebrating Valentine's Day , I wish you all enjoy the day with your loved one. Appreciate your loved one each day. Don't just give present just because it's Valentine's Day. The most important is love the one you loved.

HAPPY V-DAY people !!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrate Chinese New Year Eve - The Rabbit Year

After cleaning and preparing for the whole weeks, finally the time had come. It was chinese new year eve last night. From 2pm, my sister and I had started to prepare all the ingredient for cooking. It was so tiring since last few days had to clean house from morning to evening. But it worth when saw all thing had prepared well. So, here the pictures of some food. 

 Chicken roll

 Pork with pineapple

 Mix vege

 Mushroom chicken

 Steam Fish

 Sea Cucumber and Ligo Soup

Fried Mee

 I love mum's cooking

Eat, eat, eat

Done dinner then it's time to get angpau ! This year my dad can't coming home to celebrate with us again. So, mummy was the one to give us angpau =)

 Thanks mummy !

The chinese new year eve night never silent since my neighborhood keep played the varieties kind of firework and firecracker. 

 Surprisingly, it is "LOVE" shape . Thanks to my so-so hp camera!

 Firecrackers at our home ~

I had went to chinese new year bazzar which organize annually in Miri. It really "people mountain people sea" . All people are squeezed like in the sardine tin. But still I really the"kemeriahan".


I still prefer snap picture with snake than dragon eventhough according Chinese calender I was born in the year of dragon =D

Last but not least, I wish all the Chinese around the world who are celebrating this festival

Eat lots and get lots of angpau =p
Hope everyone have a prosperous RABBIT year in 2011 and STAY HEALTHY

It ur turn ----> "RABBIT 2011"