Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Valentine

After disappeared for so long, finally I'm updating my blog again.

It's Valentine's Day again. A day for everyone to express their love to their love one. No matter is your family, friends or your partner. During this weekend, I had spent my day watching movies, shopping and eating. I bought quite lots of stuff for myself. Shopping is really a girl heaven. 

I had watched the "I Love Hong Kong" . It really a nice movie. *Thumbs up* for the producer Eric Tsang "曾志伟”. He produced and directed the movie by himself for his father. The story is about the life of people in Hong Kong and it involved various of Hong Kong famous actor and actress. It make me laugh throughout the whole movie. Guys, you should watch it.

By the way, I bought myself a table. I want it for so long already. 

For all people who is celebrating Valentine's Day , I wish you all enjoy the day with your loved one. Appreciate your loved one each day. Don't just give present just because it's Valentine's Day. The most important is love the one you loved.

HAPPY V-DAY people !!

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