Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friends ?


I wonder is this called process of growing up? You will start realize that it is actually hard for you to find your TRUE friend. Maybe she / he used to be your good friend and you also start to find out that you had found someone that you believe gonna to be your good friend. She/ he will treat you really good till you feel that she/ he was the right person in you life. But, times was the super killer. Time can really fade away all the stuff called "FRIENDSHIP". Change of the environment make the situation getting more severe. I wonder why she/ he can change so drastically. "SORRY" had occurred frequently. "Sorry I cant this...." , "Sorry that I had to change plan because this ..... " Is it me too sensitive? Or is it she /he changed according environment ? However, I felt like been cheat. Seriously, I don't like. She / he had ever asked me not to abandoned her. Yet , now thing was turned the other way round. I tried to tell myself she / he not doing this purposely and maybe she / he really didn't mean it. 

But, now it showed that I was totally wrong ! Today, I just felt that I had been used once again and I kept telling myself that it was not like that. I try to stay positive, think positive and act positive. I just hope that things will turn out well and we will be the same even though we had our own new friend. =) 

Appreciate you friends and do remember what you had said @ promise to your friend. Sometimes, they really took seriously about what you had said. 


·˚● ЎỡиĢ❤[ Ầп ] ●˚· said...

it's better to have a fixed distance with each other. I never have a best or good friend since form 5. I dont trust people will treat us 100% good. Or in another way to say, sometimes they would be selfish. Some people will not 100% kind to us. Emm, it's also dont own few friends only. So, make ur networking big, if this friend does anything is not accepted, you can go for another one.

Fliani said...

yeah2... so true.. that what im trying to do now... set a fixed a distance :) thanks for ur advice.. i like it =D

Emilly Amisa said...

huhu~ be strong Fliani~ :D

Fliani said...

emily : thank you emi =D