Thursday, May 31, 2012


3 years degree class had came to full stop.
 It meant after this no more class for me. 
It was actually mixed feeling when it came to end.
Certainly, I will miss Kota Samarahan after this !!

It's come to the end... The end is the best .
What a suit slogan from KFC new POKKITS with my feeling now :)

Anyway, wish my life after this will be a good one :) 
Thesis , final exam & internship- the leftover for this final semester. 
Try to finish all with my very very best shot! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Booth

"Love Booth"  - iphone apps that I just downloaded and played with it ! 
It is indeed a nice apps and I succeed make the love shape picture ~

Spread the love to your surrounding.
Don't be selfish. 
Try to think of others condition. 
Love yourself &
 love others too :) 

Instagram Mode :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello to my dear blog :)

Felt so sorry to left my blog untouched for almost a month... BLAMED the FYP and assignments.. haha... I will blog more after this .... I promise ^____^

So, lets start with what just  happened today. 

FYP II presentation which just passed 10hours ago and the feeling was so great after the presentation.  It felt like you had done and can graduate... I knew still left one more week to end my FINAL SEMESTER ! 

Start to feel the nervous-ness one day before my turn to present when I saw lots of my course mates that had done their presentation and all the post in Fb. More nervous after met my supervisor to show him the presentation slide. Woke up in the morning receiving call from supervisor to inform me to add some important points. I hate the rush feeling to edit my slide when it just left few hours for the presentation. 

But, after the all nervous moment .... The presentation just end in 20 minutes. I just can say "Thanks Lord for all"

Now, it just left to edit and continue the write up for the thesis XD I can't wait even one second to hand in the thesis ASAP !!!

SMILE and BYE to FYP presentation !

~ Will have a good rest tonight ~


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome May- Disaster Month

Hello May, one month to end all the assignment and FYP ! Pleas be very and real good to me :)