Monday, November 28, 2011

Date with her!

Yesterday is the most HAPPIEST day in this month. At least, I meet with someone that I can tell all my feeling and my problem.

Start from my new semester this year, my blog seem updated with all the emo and sad thing. That make me feel like hate to blog. I felt that I was undergo same life each day. When you had done test, there will be assignment. When you had done assignment, there will be another assignment again. When done the assignment, there will be FYP waiting for you again. My life was so dull. Lots of problem here and there which make myself lazy to think about it anymore.

I was really enjoyed my Sunday yesterday. We had not met each other for almost 3 years. Can u believe that both of us are at Kuching yet only yesterday was our first outing in Kuching. She busy with her study and I also busy with my study. Our holidays also always at different time. Next year she gonna start to work and it mean we will have less chance to meet up. But I believe that no matter how far we are, still both of us will never forget the FRIENDSHIP that start from 2008.

So, let me introduce my ex-ROOMATE during matric a.k.a my dear friend - Mei Ling ! Actually her name is moi ling but I more prefer call her Mei Ling. 

 Mei Ling & Me :))

I really enjoyed the time with her during watching the Puss in Boots 3D. I'm glad that her first 3D movie is with me. =)) Puss in Boots was really a nice MOVIE! After the Rapunzel, it was another nice 3D effect movie that I had watched. Both of us felt that it worth to watch it in 3D.

During the evening, we went to the so called "Taman Sahabat" to spend our time. Nice view and weather since it was raining before we went there. We took some picture as memory and we spent around 2 hours sit there and chit chat. Even people who are jogging sure think what we are doing there for so long. We talked about anything and I felt so good after talked with her.

 We had been to here- Taman Sahabat !

 The place where we sit for hours and chit chat .

 I like the flowers !

To Momoy : Wish you all the best in your future especially in your work next year! I really hope that we will meet up again and take care girl! Happy always and good luck my dear friend =) 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today My Life Begins

A song that at least motivated me a bit =)

Friday, November 11, 2011


 A special date yet a boring day T.T

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holiday = No Holiday

First time I felt like holiday is so meaningless and boring . I think this is the first time I am not going back to Miri for my mid sem break. One week, how should I spend this loneliness week ?

There are many assignments are waiting for me to finish them. I need to hand in them right after the one week holidays. And the irritating FYP ! Sorry to all my readers because in this final year FYP and assignment are the TWO words that will keep appear in my blog post. 

Final year makes my university life so dull. Sometime, I will think whether I can finish my final year on time. I am so afraid that I can't do it. My parents, siblings all put hope on me. All of them are already excited for my convocation. This make me feel more burden. I worry I will make them disappointed. Even my supervisor said as the eldest in family, I sure will feel stress because all responsibility are on my shoulder.

Pray more and work hard is the only way for me to face all this. I can't rely on others people. The more hope I put on somebody, the more disappointment I get. This happen to me recently. I need someone to express all this .........

Bring me out from all this unhappy mood !