Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day in Sept!

After mia for 2 weeks, finally I can blog ! NO internet had make my life miserable. I can't do anything without the internet connection. My life was only wake up --> go class --> back from class then it kept repeated for the whole week ! 

Anyway, wish everyone can have enough rest and have a GREAT weekend to get some positive energy for another new month, new week ! =D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Say "HELLO" to final year !!

Back to Kuching after 4 months holidays. 

Bye Miri ....

This is seriously look so fake. More look like cotton to me. 

It is my final year  *finger crossed* hopefully I can finish it on time !!! Even though it is my final year, I felt like I was new student here. When back to uni, you will find all sort of problem will come towards you. I hate this feeling T___T. I will always wish I can escape from all this kind of problem. But, I know I can't. Just wish that all will going well and hope that I STRONG enough to face all the up and down !

The roads that I need to continue for 1 year! Good luck to myself =)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Final Trip before end my 4 months holidays!

Four months long holiday had almost came to the end. Thanks to my sister that we had chance to went to Johor and Singapore. Four years, UTM will be her second home. It was a moody mode when we are sending her to the uni. Even though we always quarrel, I still felt sad when she had to study at a so far place from home. Hope she will stay strong and I believe she can do well in her study :)

 Bye sis !

What a spacious room in UTM hostel!!!!

View from the room

Don't cry and good luck girl :)

After busy settle sister registration, my mummy and I decided to go Singapore. We busy from morning and went to Singapore at night. It was our first time to Singapore and we had to travel there by ourselves. No map, no gps and nobody is accompany us. I just can ask people on the road to find our way to the hotel. But in the middle of the night, mostly are the tourist are wandering around. That was really a good experience for me and mummy. We only manage went to Marina bay and do some shopping at Orchard. We swear we will go Singapore soon !!! :)

 *Peace* Yeah!!! We found the hotel!

 What a big mirror in the hotel.

Mr Taxi, Taxi, Taxi on the road :D

 Footwear of the day

 It like jungle in a city.

Start our journey in the morning. Happy to see the MRT is not pack like sardine. 

Awesome view at Marina Bay.

LV is surprising me.

Trademark of Singapore

 Random shot

 Lunch @ Rasapura Master

 Cute little boy <3

Goodbye SG !

It was an awesome trip to JB and SG. Big hug to uncle and aunty provided us a good accomodation !!!!

Bye bye~

Friday, September 2, 2011


Finally, I have chance to travel after stay at home for 4 months !

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby in the house

Wake me up when September !! Yeah, it is September now. A month which I am not so so so so LIKEY. September means that I have to back to UNI soon, start my Final Year Project (FYP) , start my hectic student life with lots of assignment and exam. And I just can say I am NOT prepare for all this  =X Arghhh... how come the 4 months holidays can end just like that ???  I have to enjoy my last 12 days before back to Kch. That the only thing I can do for the moment.

So, let start this month by introducing the new baby !!!! ( I guess it is not a surprise anymore because I had posted the picture at my fb.)

Anyway, for my other readers who does not know what is new baby I'm talking about. Let me describe it a bit. It is black in color. Have a sexy body. Once you hold it you will never want to let it down. I was surprised when mummy decided to new baby. It had been all my siblings dream to have it.

 The new baby is ------ > EOS 550D !!!

I am so in love with the new baby now.

Ignore the dust :D

There is lots to learn how to take nice picture.

Hope the new baby can help us take lots of memories soon :)