Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Time

My first time catwalk
 My first time attend an audition
 My first time to join Miss Sarawak Model 
What else? I can't think anymore..haha...
Anyway, I just love the feel even though I cannot get into the top 12.

 This is the my first experience to join beauty contest.
I reached there in blur blur condition.
I saw all tall girls with their high heels while I using flat.
I walked in the room and do my duckwalk.
The ugliest catwalk I think....haha..
Luckily, the judges really friendly :)
Finally, the result was announced.
Even though I not get in to the final, 
I think this is one of my sweet memories in my life.
Last but not least,
wish all the finalist GOOD LUCK ...
Do your best girls !!
One more...Thank you for my friends support...
Love you all...MUAKSSS =)

Before the audition

Group photo before the audition start

The organizer explaining how the audition is going

Finally, group photo with the judges. 
Photo from the newspaper.
Here are the finalist for the Miss Sarawak Model 2010.
Voting Available Now ! 
Closing Date : 29/7/2010
Subtile Awards: Miss Model Popularity 
So people start vote for your favourite.

Friday, June 25, 2010

B.C.E.F ♥♥

B.C.E.F -------> Belinda. Caroline. Elizabeth. Fliani. That is the meaning of my post title. :)

After for a so long time, four of us finally gathered and had lunch at "Double Star". But before that, a lots of weird things happened... Hahaha....

Before Eli came to fetch me, her car fuel almost empty. Then she asked me to wait her at my house nearby bus stop. When I was prepared to going out, I received a message from Carol. She informed me that her mum's car was broke down while as Linda brother at the same time not at home. 

So, me and Eli do some window shopping at Parkson while waiting them got car. Then, we went to the Bintang Cafe to eat since I never go there before. The food was just ok. Eli and I were not really satisfied with the service of the waitress there....haha..

Here's the  only picture that we took.

After waited about an hour, we decided went to fetch Carol and Linda. The funniest thing was when we reached Carol house, her father also just reached home. Linda's brother also reached when we went Linda's house. It all so coincidence !!! 

Four of us went to Double Star and had our lunch and as you all knew when girls were gathering they will do one important thing that is GOSSIPING....haha... we talked until forgot took picture...haha...

It really a fun time with you all girls.

All da best to
Belinda in her medic course
Carol in chemical engineering 
Eli in music course.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

DADDY..Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day...父亲节快乐....Selamat Hari Bapa to My Handsome Daddy

All the pic was took by me...=)

Hardly find a picture of me and dad only. Sorry dad....=)
When you coming back, I want take many many pictures with u...haha...

To daddy:

Even though you seldom at home, but for me you still a cool dad for me.
Since you started worked at oversea, there was less and less time spent with you. 
When you back, I was still at kuching study. 
But be as your child for 21 years, you are really a great dad for me. 
I know you had really worked hard for this family and I hope I can fast fast graduate and you can retire early so that can spend time with mummy^^

Last but not least,
  I love u much much dad.
Hope you always healthy and take care at there Dad.

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Fever

Recently, I'm also like others addicted to the World Cup. 

2010 FIFA World Cup Official Football

Im not only addicted with the football but also with the McDonald Contour Glass. 
For this moment, my family already collected 2 colors of it which is LIME and PURPLE..
Hope can keep collect it as many as we can!!

Enjoy the months for the World Cup season

This time for Africa

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cognitive Science

I finally had finished my first year in cognitive science. I still had 2 more years to go. During this first year, it really had been a really tough time since I'm taking a totally rare course. I am sure you all also haven heard of this kind of course in Malaysia. Even when I chose course to enter university, I also din saw this course. I thought I am the only one dunno about this course. But surprisingly almost all my coursemate also know nothing about Cognitive Science. Pity for all of us and for the coming batch of my junior.

When my family or relatives and friends are asking what course I am taking now, I just can answer based on what I had learned in Introduction in Cognitive Science. "It is something like study of human mind and try relate human mind to computer stuff" Then they sure ask more "What that?" It make me no idea how to further explain about it. Anyway this is what I get from Wiki about the definition of cognitive science. Hope you all can understand it ...hahaha....

"Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of how information is represented and transformed in the brain. 
It consists of multiple research disciplines including psychology,artificial intelligence, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistic and anthropology."

 I wonder why I should learn all this

Only UNIMAS offer this course as core subject in Malaysia. It sounds "wow" and I dunno should feel grateful to get such "special" course or feel the other way. Sometimes, I really wonder how I can finish my first year. Before this, I was major in Bio when I at KML while as cognitive science is course which consists of computer science and psychology. OH NO!!!! I really not good in computer stuff and I hate it. For my programming, I just always memorize all the program. I know programming is not like biology which you can memorize. But I really dun have other ways than MEMORIZE it.

For now I just hope I can finish my degree and get good result so that I can pursue my master in course that I like. Wonder what will happen this coming two years because I still need to face all the programming stuff. =( 

Anyway, I really wish all my coursemate GOOD LUCK and BE STRONG so that we can conquer this course...=)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Love between A Doctor and A Nurse

Yesterday, I was just attended the wedding between Dr. Gabriel and Regina(which is a nurse). Regina was my mom's side relative. I am not really what her relationship with mom just know they are related...hehe.....During the morning, we went to the bride's house to see the traditional Kenyah engagement ceremony. I really do not expect that I gonna be the translator for the Gabriel's parents. They not really can understand Bahasa Melayu really well so I need to explain to them in chinese about what are going on. Really thanks to mummy because send me to chinese school and I now realize why she keep ask me to take chinese until SPM. Here are some photos of during the morning.

 Going out lo...=)

 the girls in Kenyah full costume

gift from the bridegroom to bride

parents of bridegroom and bride

During the night, the ceremony continue at the hotel. Gabriel's father also had ask me whether I am gonna follow the Kenyah traditional wedding ceremony and I really no idea about how to answer him. It make me wonder how my wedding in future will look like...haha...but it still early to think about marriage..=)

 Me and sister

The decoration at the stage

 Menu of the night

 The girls~

me and my beloved mummy

sister and mummy

brothers and mummy

so hard to ask my bro to take pic

my "wai po" & "wai gong"
one of their wedding photo...sweet

Last but not least, photo with Gabriel and Regina

Wish the couple happy always and stay sweet !

Congratz to Gabriel and Regina~~


Friday, June 4, 2010

Sister's Love

Today is the second day my sister at KML. I know that she sure will be very lonely there.
Reason are:

-she is the second intake 
-only her is success for the appeal (most of her secondary friend din get even after appeal)
-no laptop 
-no internet
-no friend

All the reason above enough to make her more homesick !!!

Anyone who was ex-KML sure know that it famous because KML always no water!!!! My sister tell me that friday, saturday and sunday will be no water. Then, she told me that during evening her block started blackout.....OMG....KML....u still with the old looks...even older I think. When are you gonna upgrade???

When sms with her, she told me she really homesick. As her big sister, I only can tell her to be strong and take care since she din ate for few days. She just ate bread and drink milo. I just can share my experience to her and accompany her so that she wont feel so lonely. Stacy....u must be strong !!! I know u can do it !!!! JIA YOU !!!!

Miss u !!!!
Take care my sister...I will support u!!!