Friday, June 25, 2010

B.C.E.F ♥♥

B.C.E.F -------> Belinda. Caroline. Elizabeth. Fliani. That is the meaning of my post title. :)

After for a so long time, four of us finally gathered and had lunch at "Double Star". But before that, a lots of weird things happened... Hahaha....

Before Eli came to fetch me, her car fuel almost empty. Then she asked me to wait her at my house nearby bus stop. When I was prepared to going out, I received a message from Carol. She informed me that her mum's car was broke down while as Linda brother at the same time not at home. 

So, me and Eli do some window shopping at Parkson while waiting them got car. Then, we went to the Bintang Cafe to eat since I never go there before. The food was just ok. Eli and I were not really satisfied with the service of the waitress there....haha..

Here's the  only picture that we took.

After waited about an hour, we decided went to fetch Carol and Linda. The funniest thing was when we reached Carol house, her father also just reached home. Linda's brother also reached when we went Linda's house. It all so coincidence !!! 

Four of us went to Double Star and had our lunch and as you all knew when girls were gathering they will do one important thing that is GOSSIPING....haha... we talked until forgot took picture...haha...

It really a fun time with you all girls.

All da best to
Belinda in her medic course
Carol in chemical engineering 
Eli in music course.

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