Sunday, June 6, 2010

Love between A Doctor and A Nurse

Yesterday, I was just attended the wedding between Dr. Gabriel and Regina(which is a nurse). Regina was my mom's side relative. I am not really what her relationship with mom just know they are related...hehe.....During the morning, we went to the bride's house to see the traditional Kenyah engagement ceremony. I really do not expect that I gonna be the translator for the Gabriel's parents. They not really can understand Bahasa Melayu really well so I need to explain to them in chinese about what are going on. Really thanks to mummy because send me to chinese school and I now realize why she keep ask me to take chinese until SPM. Here are some photos of during the morning.

 Going out lo...=)

 the girls in Kenyah full costume

gift from the bridegroom to bride

parents of bridegroom and bride

During the night, the ceremony continue at the hotel. Gabriel's father also had ask me whether I am gonna follow the Kenyah traditional wedding ceremony and I really no idea about how to answer him. It make me wonder how my wedding in future will look like...haha...but it still early to think about marriage..=)

 Me and sister

The decoration at the stage

 Menu of the night

 The girls~

me and my beloved mummy

sister and mummy

brothers and mummy

so hard to ask my bro to take pic

my "wai po" & "wai gong"
one of their wedding photo...sweet

Last but not least, photo with Gabriel and Regina

Wish the couple happy always and stay sweet !

Congratz to Gabriel and Regina~~


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