Friday, January 27, 2012

My CNY Birthday

2012 is a year which I had waiting for so long since it will be a special year for me. 23 January the first day of Chinese New Year and it was my 23rd BIRTHDAY ! It was really lucky for me to celebrate this two big event on the same day :)

Even though it was just a small and simple celebration, I still felt so blessed to celebrate it with my family this year. 

1. First surprise - Smurf Cake

2. Second surprise- Tupperware water bottle

See any difference from the pictures above? Yeah, it all blue.. what a coincidence ! But who care, I like it ! :)

We had celebrate my birthday together with the chinese new year eve reunion dinner. Lots of food and love :)

 Love mum cooking !

 Officially 23! OMG... im so old ><

 Thank you my dear mummy :)

Mum say smurf look better without the top cream .. lol

Chinese New Year first day

1st day with beloved mum

Chinese New Year second day :)

 Mum, ah ma and me

 Our first picture with her in 2012 <3

Birthday gift from my best friend :D

Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! Will update soon :) Eat more and play more !

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Monday, January 16, 2012

Countdown the days.

From few weeks till 3 more days, I will be HOME. But, most of my friends had finished their paper yet I still need face two more papers till wednesday evening to finish the WAR!  I just hope that the last two paper won't SO hard (persuading myself.. hehe)

Countdown 3 days to go home and 7 days to celebrate Chinese New Year + my birthday =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Luck people !!!

Just start my first core course paper today while mostly of others course already come to half way of their exam. I still have 4 more papers to go T_______T

Just want to finish the exam as soon as possible ! Can't wait to go back and meet my family :) A warm message from my mummy early in the morning. A message that really boost up my day!!!

"Good Morning, GOD bless you a new day and today is your first test ka? Wake sudah ?" 

Thanks for the wish mummy. Thanks for your prayer  :) I love u. Miss u lots <3

Good luck to everyone who are having their final exam. GOD bless :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Birthday List

This year my birthday will be a special one since it is fall on the first day of Chinese New Year ! I really can't wait to celebrate it with my family . At least I will not lonely like my last year birthday. So 23rd birthday on 23 Jan, for sure I want something for my birthday. For now, I had think of some present that I wish to receive . =)

My wish list :

1. A 'smart' phone which I dream for so long.

2. The instax mini 7s / 25.

3. A cheongsam for my birthday.

4. Hope my dad will be coming back even though he can't :(

5. Graduate on time !

See how many I can get from the list this year :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

I'll be STRONG !

This is the only thing I HAVE to do now ~

Monday, January 2, 2012

Start my 2012 with my favourite FOOD .

It's second day of 2012 and I felt contented with all what I'm having now ! 
Nice food that I had this two days really make me felt 2012 will be a good year :)

My Lunch - Mushroom chicken&salt fish steam rice

Starbucks Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino !

Teh C Peng Special as kick start of the day :)

Durian and Rambutan from housemate's hometown

Bye Bye 2011 !

Time was flew so fast ! 2011 was just felt started yesterday. As usual, this year was my most busy year since it was my final year. What else I can talk about my final year - assignment, test, final year project were killing me. But still I'm glad that I can make through it. Even till now there were some assignments that are waiting for me, I still want enjoy my last day of 2011.

Highlight of 2011 :

January : My lonely 22 Birthday

May : First time went to KL with coursemate for our industrial visit.

May: Crocodile Farm with my family

September: Went to Johor & Singapore with dear mum :)

2012 will be a year that I'm looking forward. It was the year which:

my 23rd birthday is fall on the first day of chinese new year.
I will graduate *praying hard*.
I will start my internship.
I will start my another stage of life (working life).

Aal Izz Well ! :)