Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye Bye 2011 !

Time was flew so fast ! 2011 was just felt started yesterday. As usual, this year was my most busy year since it was my final year. What else I can talk about my final year - assignment, test, final year project were killing me. But still I'm glad that I can make through it. Even till now there were some assignments that are waiting for me, I still want enjoy my last day of 2011.

Highlight of 2011 :

January : My lonely 22 Birthday

May : First time went to KL with coursemate for our industrial visit.

May: Crocodile Farm with my family

September: Went to Johor & Singapore with dear mum :)

2012 will be a year that I'm looking forward. It was the year which:

my 23rd birthday is fall on the first day of chinese new year.
I will graduate *praying hard*.
I will start my internship.
I will start my another stage of life (working life).

Aal Izz Well ! :)

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