Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memorable Independence Day

It was really a memorable Independence Day for me. It was not because anything special thing happen but it was because I'm SICK !!!!!!
 Never feel so SICK!
I had slept for 12 hours but still my whole body still felt so tired. The worst thing was I still have some assignments I need to settle before I went back to Miri for my raya holiday.

Hope I can manage it !!!
Gotta rest....
Happy Independence and Happy Holiday to everyone!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

谁让你心动  谁让你心痛
谁说你的心思他会懂  谁为你感动
如果女人 总是等到夜深
无悔付出青春  他就会对你真
是否女人  永远不要多问
她最好永远天真  为她所爱的人
谁让你心动  谁让你心痛
谁说你的心思他会懂  谁为你感动
只是女人  容易一往情深
总是为情所困  终于越陷越深
可是女人  爱是她的灵魂
她可以奉献一生  为她所爱的人

如果女人  总是等到夜深
无悔付出青春  他就会对你真 
只是女人  容易一往情深
总是为情所困  终于越陷越深
可是女人  爱是她的灵魂
她可以奉献一生 为她所爱的人


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 - Miss Mexico

 Evening Gown & Swimsuit Session of Miss Mexico


Jimena Navarret -Miss Universe 2010

Birthplace: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Birthday : February 22, 1988
Age : 22 Yrs
Height : 172 cm (5’8″)
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Profession : Model
Title : Nuestra Belleza México 2009, Miss Universe 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally All Done!

Wee.....Finally IT DONE !!!

Last week, we had facial and this week we had done another one more. 
But this not mean that we were rich. It was just they had good promotion. So me and Cheryl just gave it a try.

Today, we had went there using van. Arghh!! Transport was always the problem. Can you imagine the van driver not even know where was the place. WTH !! How come he can become driver in Kuching if he don't even knew the place. That had really make us annoyed!!! However, we had reached the place by took another bus. Really thanks for the uncle bus and thanks to uncle that we dunno who he is that had told us the direction :)

When we reached there, we were asked to wait for the couple room. The place looked quite nice and like the previous beauty centre they loved to play some instrumental song that I not really like ..haha...

 Simple but elegant 

After waiting for a while, we had our facial and the beautician was really a funny women. Can you imagine that I kept laugh through the facial process until we needed to stop a while. I really felt enjoyed. This time the facial more better than the previous one that I had tried last week. They got using the stuff like oxygen machine that they will spray oxygen to your skin. As we knew, oxygen was really important for healthy skin. You will feel that your skin more moisture and smooth after the facial.She also told me need to exercise my face by eating chewing gum but don't just chew it at one side of your mouth. This is a good tips for me :) 

I think the beauty centre service quite good and they just opened their outlet in Kuching. They had lots of outlets at Johor and Singapore. I think this was their first outlet in Sarawak.  

 True Harmony  

So there are lots of promotion that you can get for their opening in Kuching.

Few types of promotion

For those who are interested, 
you can sign up for any promotion package. 
I highly recommended the "Cellule Facial" which only worth RM49 
and you just need to add up RM1 for the eye mask. 
You really will feel the difference after the facial =)
So girls what are you waiting for? 
Sign up for this special promotion. 
Any inquiries can ask me at chat ^^

After the facial, it time for LUNCH~

Finally, I can have the KIMBAB after so many times I can't eat it. Reason are : Sometimes, they not do the KIMBAB. Last week I can't ate KIMBAB because I need to wait 30 minutes for it and I'm in rush.

I super duper like this more than shushi!

Last but not least, I got the AQUA nail color!!!♥♥♥

It really a HAPPY Saturday !!♥


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kuching Festival Fair 2010

My first time to Kuching Festival Fair after one year I studied at Kuching.


I quite excited and looking forward for the festival since I heard there were lots of food. I really craving for food !!! When we reached there, there were lots of people from all over the world. I saw not only Kuching people but also foreign tourist like from Japan. We decided to walk around the stall before decided to eat what. Here are some food that we had bought.

My food :)

 not forget to take pic before eat

 me :)

 Cheryl :)

We bought lots since we were damn hungry during that time. But it was so hard to finish it all and we kept forcing ourselves to finish all it. After ate, it time for us to walk around and it was picture time :) 

  Garden Show 2010

 Wishing Well
Steps to make wish at wishing well

Quite lots of people try for the wishing well. No matter age, gender and race. I wonder the wish that they made will really became true.

I not dare try this ..haha...

They are cute !!! I want !!

Rest In Peace

The only picture with him 

 I wonder what he was thinking

My grandfather's brother had pass away yesterday. 
It really a shock for me since last Saturday his son had just passed away. 
I knew that both of them were sick for a period of time but still I really felt sad when both left us in 2 weeks of time.
So sad  that I cannot go back for their funeral and see them for the last time. 
What I can do here is praying for them. 

GOD bless you, grandpa~ You always will be in our heart

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unmotivated !

 This is what I feel now :D

I am really boring now. It not because I had nothing to do but I have a lots of assignment are waiting for me.

Mostly of the assignment due before my raya holidays. I know that I left just few more weeks to do it but I really cant describe my laziness. I still don't have any motivation and inspiration to do my assignment. I just can't wait for my holidays !!

List of my assignment:
a) Computer Graphic- individual assignment ( 25 August 2010)
b)Cognition and Design-individual assignment 2000words essay (3 September 2010)
-group assignment (26 August 2010)
c)Organizational Behaviour-group assignment (10 September 2010)
d)Statistic-group assignment(3 September 2010)

This is just the assignment part. It haven include my mid term yet. ARGHHHHH ~!!!!

Besides that, Im not feeling well. I hope I won't get sick because this Friday and Saturday I still have to do my mission. Pray for me that I will not getting sick during this important time :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Spender

Last two days, Cheryl and I really had a crazy time. Pizza Hut was our first place to release our "stress". The pizza hut was just opened at the Desa Ilmu. This was my first time to eat at that pizza hut. The interior design was quite simple but nice. The waiter also polite...They were really polite. We had ordered the set for two person which consist of bread, the soup of the day, spaghetti and pizza. Cheryl decided to order tuna pizza. While waiting for the food, we took some pictures since there was not much customer at that time :)

 Cheryl and I with the food

Yesterday after class, we had went to MBO to watch the SALT. I really love the movie and love ANGELINA JOLIE. Her acting skill was really "WOW". The plot of the story also different. When you thought it should came to the end of the movie but actually it was just the climax was begun. Some pictures we took before the movie start.


After done with the movie, Cheryl want to go to ATM but who know the promoter for the Slimming Sanctuary asked us to try their facial for RM10 since they were celebrating their 10th anniversary. I had choose the facial while Cheryl was choosing the slimming set. Then, we also had measured our BMI, fat in body that kind of stuff. The machine looked like exersice machine. You just need stand there and after few moments then the machine will print out the info in a paper like a receipt.

 I need increase this much !

Almost all of my measurement was under the normal range. The funniest thing was I need to add 4.7kg of fat. OMG!!! After that, another beauty promotion also promoted their stuff. Can you all believe that we spent RM60 just for that kind of beauty promotion.

Arghhhh!!!Better I use the money to buy heels instead of spent it on something that I cannot see. Next two weeks, we must go to do the facial if not our money just donate like that to them. :( 

So the moral of the story, stay away from the promoters when you go to any supermarket or mall. They really can persuade you until you want and finally will end up like me and Cheryl....hahahaha..

Monday, August 2, 2010


1st August...it means a new month for 2010. It will be a busy month for me since a lot of assignment are waiting for me before I can back for my raya holidays. But, my August had started  quite well. =)

Yesterday noon, I had going out with my aunt because I want to buy table fan for my room. I wonder how I could live in the room without fan for almost 2 weeks. Besides that, I also bought a big container for storage and a nail polish and it was GREEN in color again. By the way, it was just a coincidence for all the green stuff~

The Green
 My Greeny Fan

 Yesterday also a memorable day for me since this was the first time I went to the church in Kuching for my mass. Thanks GOD !! It was never late to do so as long as you had the intention to do it. I believe HIM will understand it.

The church looked much much bigger compare with Miri. The more special in the church was it had some seat like as couple seat in the cinema...haha...I really fall in love for the church design.*thumbs up* Next time should take some pictures of the church.

After that, we went to the Spring ....WEEEEE!!! Then, I had my dinner with my aunt. We also ordered two types of chinese herbs soup which can enhance memory and another soup was for slimming effect. Really hope that August will fast fast pass then I can go back to my "home sweet home". 

Anyway, it was really a wonderful Sunday and a good start for me~ 01082010