Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally All Done!

Wee.....Finally IT DONE !!!

Last week, we had facial and this week we had done another one more. 
But this not mean that we were rich. It was just they had good promotion. So me and Cheryl just gave it a try.

Today, we had went there using van. Arghh!! Transport was always the problem. Can you imagine the van driver not even know where was the place. WTH !! How come he can become driver in Kuching if he don't even knew the place. That had really make us annoyed!!! However, we had reached the place by took another bus. Really thanks for the uncle bus and thanks to uncle that we dunno who he is that had told us the direction :)

When we reached there, we were asked to wait for the couple room. The place looked quite nice and like the previous beauty centre they loved to play some instrumental song that I not really like ..haha...

 Simple but elegant 

After waiting for a while, we had our facial and the beautician was really a funny women. Can you imagine that I kept laugh through the facial process until we needed to stop a while. I really felt enjoyed. This time the facial more better than the previous one that I had tried last week. They got using the stuff like oxygen machine that they will spray oxygen to your skin. As we knew, oxygen was really important for healthy skin. You will feel that your skin more moisture and smooth after the facial.She also told me need to exercise my face by eating chewing gum but don't just chew it at one side of your mouth. This is a good tips for me :) 

I think the beauty centre service quite good and they just opened their outlet in Kuching. They had lots of outlets at Johor and Singapore. I think this was their first outlet in Sarawak.  

 True Harmony  

So there are lots of promotion that you can get for their opening in Kuching.

Few types of promotion

For those who are interested, 
you can sign up for any promotion package. 
I highly recommended the "Cellule Facial" which only worth RM49 
and you just need to add up RM1 for the eye mask. 
You really will feel the difference after the facial =)
So girls what are you waiting for? 
Sign up for this special promotion. 
Any inquiries can ask me at chat ^^

After the facial, it time for LUNCH~

Finally, I can have the KIMBAB after so many times I can't eat it. Reason are : Sometimes, they not do the KIMBAB. Last week I can't ate KIMBAB because I need to wait 30 minutes for it and I'm in rush.

I super duper like this more than shushi!

Last but not least, I got the AQUA nail color!!!♥♥♥

It really a HAPPY Saturday !!♥


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