Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unmotivated !

 This is what I feel now :D

I am really boring now. It not because I had nothing to do but I have a lots of assignment are waiting for me.

Mostly of the assignment due before my raya holidays. I know that I left just few more weeks to do it but I really cant describe my laziness. I still don't have any motivation and inspiration to do my assignment. I just can't wait for my holidays !!

List of my assignment:
a) Computer Graphic- individual assignment ( 25 August 2010)
b)Cognition and Design-individual assignment 2000words essay (3 September 2010)
-group assignment (26 August 2010)
c)Organizational Behaviour-group assignment (10 September 2010)
d)Statistic-group assignment(3 September 2010)

This is just the assignment part. It haven include my mid term yet. ARGHHHHH ~!!!!

Besides that, Im not feeling well. I hope I won't get sick because this Friday and Saturday I still have to do my mission. Pray for me that I will not getting sick during this important time :)

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