Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Spender

Last two days, Cheryl and I really had a crazy time. Pizza Hut was our first place to release our "stress". The pizza hut was just opened at the Desa Ilmu. This was my first time to eat at that pizza hut. The interior design was quite simple but nice. The waiter also polite...They were really polite. We had ordered the set for two person which consist of bread, the soup of the day, spaghetti and pizza. Cheryl decided to order tuna pizza. While waiting for the food, we took some pictures since there was not much customer at that time :)

 Cheryl and I with the food

Yesterday after class, we had went to MBO to watch the SALT. I really love the movie and love ANGELINA JOLIE. Her acting skill was really "WOW". The plot of the story also different. When you thought it should came to the end of the movie but actually it was just the climax was begun. Some pictures we took before the movie start.


After done with the movie, Cheryl want to go to ATM but who know the promoter for the Slimming Sanctuary asked us to try their facial for RM10 since they were celebrating their 10th anniversary. I had choose the facial while Cheryl was choosing the slimming set. Then, we also had measured our BMI, fat in body that kind of stuff. The machine looked like exersice machine. You just need stand there and after few moments then the machine will print out the info in a paper like a receipt.

 I need increase this much !

Almost all of my measurement was under the normal range. The funniest thing was I need to add 4.7kg of fat. OMG!!! After that, another beauty promotion also promoted their stuff. Can you all believe that we spent RM60 just for that kind of beauty promotion.

Arghhhh!!!Better I use the money to buy heels instead of spent it on something that I cannot see. Next two weeks, we must go to do the facial if not our money just donate like that to them. :( 

So the moral of the story, stay away from the promoters when you go to any supermarket or mall. They really can persuade you until you want and finally will end up like me and Cheryl....hahahaha..

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