Monday, August 2, 2010


1st means a new month for 2010. It will be a busy month for me since a lot of assignment are waiting for me before I can back for my raya holidays. But, my August had started  quite well. =)

Yesterday noon, I had going out with my aunt because I want to buy table fan for my room. I wonder how I could live in the room without fan for almost 2 weeks. Besides that, I also bought a big container for storage and a nail polish and it was GREEN in color again. By the way, it was just a coincidence for all the green stuff~

The Green
 My Greeny Fan

 Yesterday also a memorable day for me since this was the first time I went to the church in Kuching for my mass. Thanks GOD !! It was never late to do so as long as you had the intention to do it. I believe HIM will understand it.

The church looked much much bigger compare with Miri. The more special in the church was it had some seat like as couple seat in the cinema...haha...I really fall in love for the church design.*thumbs up* Next time should take some pictures of the church.

After that, we went to the Spring ....WEEEEE!!! Then, I had my dinner with my aunt. We also ordered two types of chinese herbs soup which can enhance memory and another soup was for slimming effect. Really hope that August will fast fast pass then I can go back to my "home sweet home". 

Anyway, it was really a wonderful Sunday and a good start for me~ 01082010

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