Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rest In Peace

I think most of the Miri citizen sure will know what had happen lately in Miri. The tragedy of a 17 year-old girl , Tiffany Wong was found dead at outskirts of Miri last week.

The most shocked the people was the murderer was her friend since primary school. The murderer had surrendered at police station after the incident. He had tried to rape her but beaten by Tiffany. That make he strangling her as her face was swollen with bruises and there was injuries on her chest. The most sad thing was the murderer had dumped her with her head wrapped with plastic. For more info, click here.

Today was her funeral. Even though I can't attend her funeral, from some pictures that had taken I can see that lots of people had went to church for her funeral. Now, all we can do are pray  so that she can beside GOD and live happily at the other world. As for the murderer, we hope he get "hukuman setimpal" . 

Deep condolences to Tiffany's family and friends and be strong ! 

* From this incident, it shows that the society is not safe anymore. Sometimes, you won't know the people who are close to you will harm you. The news really had shocked all "Mirian"  include me too. She is a innocent little girl who still has a long journey in her life. She just got her SPM result yet dead a such young age. The most SAD was the murderer was a person she had knew for so long. 

Girls, ladies and women, please do really take care of yourself. Beware with people around you and don't easily trust to anyone. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

After for so long ....

After for so long, finally we had our outing again after not outing together for almost a year.

It was just a window shopping day for us and an escape from all the assignments. We went to KimBay for our brunch. A nice environment to dine in and lots of choices. It is a HK-Macau restaurant. 

Parts of the design in Kim Bay

The Menu

Roasted Duck Rice

Ice blended red bean

 Apple juice

Grilled chicken with satay sauce

After had our brunch, we decided to watch movie which we had not done together for a long time. It was so hard for us to make decision what to watch since we not planning to watch movie that day. After squeezed our brain, we decided to watch the "Unknown". We had no idea what is the movie about. We just hope that it worth for us to watch it.

We had no idea even see the movie poster ..haha

The movie took us about 1 hour and 30minutes, the comment for the movie was it really a movie that make your brain works. The plot of the movie was bit confusing. But for both of us, it really a special movie. The "Unknown" really was a suitable name for the movie. *THUMB UP*

So guys, do watch it :)


This is what happen after I keep eat eggs. T.T

Chicken oh chicken, how come I can allergic to u after I had lived for 22 years??
I thought allergic usually occurred since young and not started at my age now. Seriously, I feel like to fly home because I not used to see other doctor at a place that I'm not familiar and I didn't feel to consume any medicine without consultation from the doctor.

Huhuhuhuhu.... what should I do? To avoid the allergic getting serious, I just try to avoid the chicken and egg. Mean I'm gonna be vegetarian before my allergic recover. This is really a hard time for me =(

Friday, March 18, 2011

3 hours

I still can't believe that I not sleep whole night and only slept from 8-11am. 
3 hours ??? Oh My Gosh !! 
Even my core subject assignment I also not stay whole night to do !!! 
I only hope that the assignment will get good grade and it will be worth for me just to sleep 3 hours =.=


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan !!!

As we knew, last Friday (11 March)  8.8 magnitude earthquake had surprised all the citizen of Japan. The earthquake also had caused tsunami which made the condition more severe. There were lots of death, missing and injured during the earthquake. For us, all we can do is pray for them. Pray for their safety :) Pray that they can be strong to face this disaster ! Japan .... I believe you can do it !

A small boat gets stuck in a tsunami whirlpool.

Cars and other debris swept away by tsunami tidal waves are seen in Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan.

An explosion at an oil refinery after the earthquake.

The tsunami goes over an inter-coastal canal.

The oncoming tsunami strikes the coast in Natori City.

People watch the aftermath of the tsunami tides from a bridge.

More picture at here

So,after see all the pictures... We have to appreciate the moments with our loved one because we don't know what happen the next second =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cut !

My Wednesday seem always filled up with "fun and adventure". Last Wednesday, me and Shikin were totally came out with out last minute plan - "Shopping" dress for our PRS dinner dress. We just used 2 hours to shop our dress since we had no much time left because the dinner was on Friday. 

Imagine two girls walked here and there to find dress that suitable for the dinner. It seem usual but the unusual thing was the supermarket just a small small supermarket near our place. Choice were really limited and I don't hope that we will buy same dress with others. So, we in and out to the fitting room few times until the sale girl kept looked at us. But, luckily we managed to grab dress for us ! 

My another collection of Black Dress . I want white dress =(

Her white dress =)

This week Wednesday, she had suddenly came out of planned to cut her hair. Surprisingly !!!! After done with our senggang, we rushed here and there to search a good hair saloon since it was our first time to have the hair cut at that area. It make me keep think whether to CUT my fringe or NOT. While she had her hair cut, I kept looked at the mirror and thought CUT @ LET IT grew longer. Luckily, I can made up my mind after she had done. My decision was CUT my fringe. My plan to let it grew longer had failed. But , it nothing since hair will grow even after I cut it. It just that more time is needed.

Not really like to clip my long fringe ><

<3 Fringe

Besides the hair cut, I get myself the Blincon Crystal Grey lens

Hope the lens color look fine  ^^

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PRS Dinner 2011

It was the PRS dinner last night. It was so rush for me for the dinner since I had midterm on the same day and I need to prepare in just one and half hour for the dinner.

This time, the dinner took place at the Grand Continental Hotel.

the Lobby

 the simple door gift and our "unlucky" number

Our number was just lack bit of luck to win the hamper... What a night ! As usual,  it time to snap pic. But so disappointed with my hp condition. It getting sick and sick. Sometimes, it really make me frustrated. How I wish I can have iPxxxx @ digital camera for myself >< Keep wishing hard..hahaha

Me & Shikin

ShuWei & Me

It time to makan makan after waiting for so long .....Weeeeee~


i cnt believe that our table will have so much food... hungry-ness is attacking

my food

Overall, the dinner quite fun than last year. But, the food was so-so.