Thursday, March 3, 2011

Family Outing

Family Outing was another Korea Variety Show that I loved so much after the Running Man. It really can make up my day especially when I felt down @ moody ! Even though  I had just watched some episodes in Season 1 only, it really had make me deeply in love with it.

The difference between Running Man and Family Outing is Family Outing was about helped the elders to do their jobs and take care the elders home while they were away from home. As usual Yo Jae Suk is the MC. He really has good sense of humor ! I wish I can back home fast so that I can stream for both  RUNNING MAN & FAMILY OUTING =)

From left : Jong Shin, Ye Jin, Chun Hee, SooRo, Jae Suk, Hyo Ri & Dae Sung

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