Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rest In Peace

I think most of the Miri citizen sure will know what had happen lately in Miri. The tragedy of a 17 year-old girl , Tiffany Wong was found dead at outskirts of Miri last week.

The most shocked the people was the murderer was her friend since primary school. The murderer had surrendered at police station after the incident. He had tried to rape her but beaten by Tiffany. That make he strangling her as her face was swollen with bruises and there was injuries on her chest. The most sad thing was the murderer had dumped her with her head wrapped with plastic. For more info, click here.

Today was her funeral. Even though I can't attend her funeral, from some pictures that had taken I can see that lots of people had went to church for her funeral. Now, all we can do are pray  so that she can beside GOD and live happily at the other world. As for the murderer, we hope he get "hukuman setimpal" . 

Deep condolences to Tiffany's family and friends and be strong ! 

* From this incident, it shows that the society is not safe anymore. Sometimes, you won't know the people who are close to you will harm you. The news really had shocked all "Mirian"  include me too. She is a innocent little girl who still has a long journey in her life. She just got her SPM result yet dead a such young age. The most SAD was the murderer was a person she had knew for so long. 

Girls, ladies and women, please do really take care of yourself. Beware with people around you and don't easily trust to anyone. 

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Emilly Amisa said...

ya~ mayher soul rest in peace...
I got read this story oso... :(
sad story..