Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is what happen after I keep eat eggs. T.T

Chicken oh chicken, how come I can allergic to u after I had lived for 22 years??
I thought allergic usually occurred since young and not started at my age now. Seriously, I feel like to fly home because I not used to see other doctor at a place that I'm not familiar and I didn't feel to consume any medicine without consultation from the doctor.

Huhuhuhuhu.... what should I do? To avoid the allergic getting serious, I just try to avoid the chicken and egg. Mean I'm gonna be vegetarian before my allergic recover. This is really a hard time for me =(


·˚● ЎỡиĢ❤[ Ầп ] ●˚· said...

Your allergic chicken? Maybe you can try kampung chicken and egg which those are not injected with chemicals and being rared naturally.

emi said...

I can't imagine my life without eating chicken! ahhh~~~ anyway, hope u recover soon!

Fliani said...

yong an : yea.. allergic to chicken. thx for the suggestion :)

emi: yeah without chicken is so hard.. thank you for the concern