Saturday, March 5, 2011

PRS Dinner 2011

It was the PRS dinner last night. It was so rush for me for the dinner since I had midterm on the same day and I need to prepare in just one and half hour for the dinner.

This time, the dinner took place at the Grand Continental Hotel.

the Lobby

 the simple door gift and our "unlucky" number

Our number was just lack bit of luck to win the hamper... What a night ! As usual,  it time to snap pic. But so disappointed with my hp condition. It getting sick and sick. Sometimes, it really make me frustrated. How I wish I can have iPxxxx @ digital camera for myself >< Keep wishing hard..hahaha

Me & Shikin

ShuWei & Me

It time to makan makan after waiting for so long .....Weeeeee~


i cnt believe that our table will have so much food... hungry-ness is attacking

my food

Overall, the dinner quite fun than last year. But, the food was so-so. 


ahjoy said...

What is PRS?? So grand la the night... Hey, can help me promote to your friend whether they wanna buy my digital camera?? I plan to get a new semipro camera =) that's why i need to sell the digital camera.. Thanks

Fliani said...

PRS - Kelab Pembimbing Rakan Siswa . Ok ! I will try help u promote the camera =)

kallyempire said...

OMG!!! I was about to ask the same question as ahjoy xD

Fliani said...

haha... that really a coincidence.. =)