Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cut !

My Wednesday seem always filled up with "fun and adventure". Last Wednesday, me and Shikin were totally came out with out last minute plan - "Shopping" dress for our PRS dinner dress. We just used 2 hours to shop our dress since we had no much time left because the dinner was on Friday. 

Imagine two girls walked here and there to find dress that suitable for the dinner. It seem usual but the unusual thing was the supermarket just a small small supermarket near our place. Choice were really limited and I don't hope that we will buy same dress with others. So, we in and out to the fitting room few times until the sale girl kept looked at us. But, luckily we managed to grab dress for us ! 

My another collection of Black Dress . I want white dress =(

Her white dress =)

This week Wednesday, she had suddenly came out of planned to cut her hair. Surprisingly !!!! After done with our senggang, we rushed here and there to search a good hair saloon since it was our first time to have the hair cut at that area. It make me keep think whether to CUT my fringe or NOT. While she had her hair cut, I kept looked at the mirror and thought CUT @ LET IT grew longer. Luckily, I can made up my mind after she had done. My decision was CUT my fringe. My plan to let it grew longer had failed. But , it nothing since hair will grow even after I cut it. It just that more time is needed.

Not really like to clip my long fringe ><

<3 Fringe

Besides the hair cut, I get myself the Blincon Crystal Grey lens

Hope the lens color look fine  ^^

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