Sunday, March 27, 2011

After for so long ....

After for so long, finally we had our outing again after not outing together for almost a year.

It was just a window shopping day for us and an escape from all the assignments. We went to KimBay for our brunch. A nice environment to dine in and lots of choices. It is a HK-Macau restaurant. 

Parts of the design in Kim Bay

The Menu

Roasted Duck Rice

Ice blended red bean

 Apple juice

Grilled chicken with satay sauce

After had our brunch, we decided to watch movie which we had not done together for a long time. It was so hard for us to make decision what to watch since we not planning to watch movie that day. After squeezed our brain, we decided to watch the "Unknown". We had no idea what is the movie about. We just hope that it worth for us to watch it.

We had no idea even see the movie poster ..haha

The movie took us about 1 hour and 30minutes, the comment for the movie was it really a movie that make your brain works. The plot of the movie was bit confusing. But for both of us, it really a special movie. The "Unknown" really was a suitable name for the movie. *THUMB UP*

So guys, do watch it :)

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