Thursday, July 29, 2010


It is not a post to say MacBook bad thing. Just a title for the post.

I almost cannot online for almost 4 days!!! Arghhhh....I wonder what I had download until I cant log in. I had tried many types of way but still it make me disappointed.

Lucky my sister helped me to post the Mac Os X install disc to me :) Weeeeeeeee !!!!
I had installed the program again and thanks GOD that all my stuff in the laptop still as before. Maybe this is the special about Apple.

This few days without laptop, without internet, without movie, without music make my life totally SUCK and BORING !!

I hope this will be the last time for my laptop make problem. :)

              My Love                     

Enjoy the time with my laptop first.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Place for Me

In my previous post, I had blogged about that I didn't got the college. My first plan was kept scouting while waiting for the list. My back up plan was tried to find house to rent. However, my college staff told me find house to rent because the list only will out at the end of July. When I heard it, it really like !@#$#$%^. They always kept changed the date. So I had decided to gave up for the college. It really had wasting my time to rush here and there just to appeal but at last I'm still got nothing. Because of the college matter, I almost skipped my class. I keep moving from here to there. I think people also tired saw me and my ex-housemate.

So, my last decision-------> MOVE OUT !!!!!!

However, to move out also seem not an easy process. I really had cried so many times when problems kept coming. I try to tell myself I must be strong but still I am WEAK. :(
At first, I am gonna move out to a flat with my coursemate. Unfortunately, the owner of the house don't even know where was the water meter. It meant no water was supplied to the house. OH GOSH !!!! So, we had to find another house to rent. But where got so easy~~

At last, I found a house quite near my uni. It was a terrace house with 3 rooms. Currently I am staying in the single room because I not like to share the room with strangers. Unless it is someone that I knew. Eventhough, the rent bit expensive since only me in the house was occupied the single room. The other room was about 2 people shared. But, at least I have more privacy. :)

My housemate all were fourth year student and only me is second year. They are quite nice and caring. Staying at outside the hard part was I need to walk around 10 minutes to the old campus then used the bus to go my faculty. But today overall I still feel ok. Hopefully I can keep going on with my days staying outside.


Some pictures of my messy room :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Until now i still scouting here and there with my ex-housemete. We had met the college principle but he also cannot do anything yet until next week !!!!

Next week ?!@#@#$#%^&


No mood go class since im still dun have college....:(

OH really hope i can get college.

Totally no mood for now....

 Hopefully for next post of my blog is a happy post.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Hair Cut

Once again, I had cut my hair short.
 Bye bye to my long hair T.T


My new hair cut~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet Longan~


Start from morning till noon, I was busy with the longan.

Morning woke up then directly
helped my mom and brother to weigh the longan 
and packed them into the plastic.

Then, we went to my mum's friend place to try our luck.
We managed to sell around 20kg in just few hours only^^
This is because the longan was really sweet and juicy.
my mom not sprayed any fertilizer or insecticide at the longan.
So it is totally fresh compare with the market longan~
(I not really like it because it is too sweet.
But still got lots of people love it sweetness.)

fatty longan^^

Actually,my mum planned to sell the rest of the longan
at the market near my house.
But luckily my brother's friend bought the rest~
What a lucky day for all of us !!
It make our selling more easier~~

It really was a great experience for me although I was very tired.
However, I'm still really not interest in business because it is really tiring...hehe...

Monday, July 5, 2010


My feeling :(

I cant believe that this is the last week of my holidays. Two months for me just like 2 weeks. I  totally dun want go back to UNIMAS!!!  Arghhhhhh..... how I wish I can extend my holidays or maybe no need go back...haha..

There are few reasons why I am so so so so so dun want going back:

  • I dun have college to stay and I need to wait till the end of July to know whether my appeal is successful or not. ( The main reason make me dun want go back) :(
  • I will miss my family. :(
  • I hate assignments !!
Even if  I am going back, I will not have place to stay. I really dunno where I am going to " merempat" bringing all my stuff !! Mostly of my friends also din get for the college which make my situation more "teruk".

There are so many pro and cons I need to consider. Oh GOD, I really hope I can get for the college if not I am really dead meat .

Anyone can tell me what should I do???