Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet Longan~


Start from morning till noon, I was busy with the longan.

Morning woke up then directly
helped my mom and brother to weigh the longan 
and packed them into the plastic.

Then, we went to my mum's friend place to try our luck.
We managed to sell around 20kg in just few hours only^^
This is because the longan was really sweet and juicy.
my mom not sprayed any fertilizer or insecticide at the longan.
So it is totally fresh compare with the market longan~
(I not really like it because it is too sweet.
But still got lots of people love it sweetness.)

fatty longan^^

Actually,my mum planned to sell the rest of the longan
at the market near my house.
But luckily my brother's friend bought the rest~
What a lucky day for all of us !!
It make our selling more easier~~

It really was a great experience for me although I was very tired.
However, I'm still really not interest in business because it is really tiring...hehe...

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