Monday, July 5, 2010


My feeling :(

I cant believe that this is the last week of my holidays. Two months for me just like 2 weeks. I  totally dun want go back to UNIMAS!!!  Arghhhhhh..... how I wish I can extend my holidays or maybe no need go back...haha..

There are few reasons why I am so so so so so dun want going back:

  • I dun have college to stay and I need to wait till the end of July to know whether my appeal is successful or not. ( The main reason make me dun want go back) :(
  • I will miss my family. :(
  • I hate assignments !!
Even if  I am going back, I will not have place to stay. I really dunno where I am going to " merempat" bringing all my stuff !! Mostly of my friends also din get for the college which make my situation more "teruk".

There are so many pro and cons I need to consider. Oh GOD, I really hope I can get for the college if not I am really dead meat .

Anyone can tell me what should I do???


[ nadheyascandal ] said...

don't be sad kakak. everything will be okay.

Stacy Vang's said...

tat not ur pic eh....haha...go back nia then dun go skul 1st lo ;)) jiayoujiaoyou

fliani said...

yonk...i hope everything will be fine too..=(

fliani said...

stacy: see 1st lo :(