Sunday, July 22, 2012


After I had started my internship, weekend was the only time I don't have to wake damn early in the morning. As usual, Sunday was time for God. Went to the church with my family and had sumptuous lunch to kick away my Monday BLUE.

Thanks to my sister who suggest us to go to Beach Republic. It was first time for all of us at there. So as usual, it was photo time. Seriously, I love the place. 

A nice place to rest your mind and body while enjoying the sea breeze.
Highly recommended place for couple, friends and family to have gathering!

Mummy daughters :)

 Request from mummy to take picture at here.

It's really still hot when we went there. Hot oh hot !

 At the lobby 

My pretty sister <3

Mummy at the entrance !

Promoter for Beach Republic .. hahaha

Last but not least, my vain picturessss =D

Thanks to Iphone photo editor. It saves a lot of my time to edit picture :)

 I will definitely back here again :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012





Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey, JULY !

Hello, it been few weeks after I wrote my last post. 

Done with my final exam, submitted my final year project was such a BIG  relieved after haunted by those thing :)

I had started my practical for 2 weeks, left 8 more weeks to go. Seriously, I can't wait to finish the practical. To wake up early in the morning was really tough. I can't even believe I slept around 10pm each night ! What a healthy lifestyle I had. 

During this 2 weeks, I felt happy to have nice staff in the place where I am practical. Three of us even got a nice supervisor and she taught us a lots. Hope all is well and I can graduate on October soon ! :)