Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012

2012 was an good year for me. I really want to thank God for everything that good or bad that happen in this year. So, let do some recap of happening event in 2012. ^.^

1. My 23rd birthday on 23.01.2012 which is the first day of Chinese New Year.

2. Wearing CHEONGSAM for the very first time in my life for CNY.

3. Get my dream phone - iphone after want it for so long (Thanks for my parents!)

4. Done my practical mean which  a step closer to graduate. Lucky to have such good supervisor.

5. Officially graduate on 14 October!

6. Tie's family gathering on my Ah Ma birthday.

6. My very first lace maxi dress.

7. Cut my hair short after n-years.

8. Instax camera as my toy! Thank you for the gift .

9. Papa is flying back so far and attend my graduation day.

10. Melaka and KL trip with my brother and mummy. Conquer the KL tower!

-Bye 2012- ^^

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Before 2012 end

Today was surprisingly received a phone call from the company that I'm HIRED!!!! Gonna start work next year which is actually just few days to go. Praise the Lord that I'm finally get a job. My prayer is answered. My holidays will end very soon and actually I am excited + nervous to start the working life soon. Hope all is going well. *finger crossed*

Friday, December 21, 2012


 My colorful tang yuan

 Dry Tang Yuan

It look like gummy gum candy!

Wish everyone will have a good good 2013 year! Stay happy, healthy, young, energetic and lovely!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Historical City

Who don't know the historical city of Malaysia?
 Then go back school to study Sejarah again hahaha...just joke! 

Before this, just used to watch all this building in television. Now, I had chance to went there and see it directly. I hope I wish more time at Melaka instead just a day there.

We finally tried out the BECA
Thanks to the pak cik beca for the photo and all the introductory of the building in Melaka. 

The Sang Kancil legend

 The famous Jonker Street!

Famous rice ball chicken rice.

Sungai Melaka which I hope I can ride the boat during night next time.

Hope there be a next visit to Melaka in future. :)


Mum: "I want to cut my hair"
We   :  "OK ! "

So while my mum was cut her hair, I just sitting there and see my hair and the same question appeared in my head. "Cut?Or keep it?"...... Then "Cut?Or keep it?" Arghhhh.... hate this! Then mum suddenly ask "So, do you gonna cut urs too?

And my answer is ...... A BIG YES! Cut...cut...cut...cut....and this is how I look now. Tadaaaaaa...

I think the last time I cut this short  when I was 13 or 14 years old. 
Truly love my hairstyle now ^___^

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Triple 12

What so special about 12.12.12? Other than the 12.12.12, this only happened once in 100 years time. To think carefully, it was so blessed to spend this special day with my loves one. Many couples choose for registration of marriage on such special date. But, there was some people in some part of this world was in sadness of losing their loved one.

Last night, it was so shocked when I read through a News about my ex-secondary teacher that passed away in a motorcycle accident. I hardly can remember her until a friend of mine remind me her about special characteristic. When she was teaching in my secondary school, she always wore long sleeve clothes and brought an umbrella with her. She was a gentle and cute teacher. From the news, she had entitled few years excellent teacher award. From the news, now only I knew the reason she always wore long sleeve clothes was because her job as a teacher make her should wear appropriately and time passed by it was like her habit to wear like that. This really inspired me regarding her passionate toward teaching. She set such a good role model before she teach others. I just can pray that her soul will rest in peace. RIP .. Miss Lee. :'(

So, back to the topic, last night went to Kent's Garden to have my dinner and it was my first try for food there. The environment was awesome since it was open air style. Besides that, the food was awesome. Tried out their fish and chip and it was not bad. I also tried my friend lamb chop surprisingly it was so GOOD ! Before that, i was bit worried that the lamb chop will got 羊骚味 but I was totally wrong. The meat was so juicy and it was cooked so well !

Kent's Garden

Fruit Salad as appetizer

The yummy LAMB CHOP !

Fish and chips. Love their fish!

It was an awesome Triple 12 night !!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Trip to KL

It was my first trip with my mum and my little brother. Actually, can't believe that I managed to grab the cheap fare half year ago. My little brother was the most excited one during the trip since it was his first time to KL. Unfortunately, I didn't managed to bring him to go Genting Highland. Wish there is another chance to bring him there next time.

The only regret in this trip is I choose to bring the digital camera instead of the DSLR! I choose to bring the small and light digital camera. GOSH ! Never ever do the same mistake people !

I think we went to almost all of the shopping mall in KL. I knew it impossible to go to all the mall because the mall was big and so much to SHOP ! Moreover, I love all the christmas decoration in the mall. 

 @Sg Wang Plaza



@mid valley megamall


 @Times Square

Lots of Christmas Tree !

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The very last month of 2012

Hello, December! Last month of 2012 and it was a festive month because Christmas is coming soon and it's holiday time. Write this post at LCCT while waiting for my mum and lil brother reach at 9pm. So, to kill my boredom I think of to blog.

Thanks to AA promotion that I can buy the cheap flght ticket to KL with only for RM 58 ( return). Hope we will have more fun and create lots of memory in this busy city.

Sitting at starbucks while charging my phone is so boring. All i can see here is it is FULL with people! I knew it's holiday season but seeing all different kind of people busy walking here and there make my time pass more faster I think
Should end my post here. By the way, enjoy the last month of 2012 people !!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank you

Email me for password.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Weeeee...... I had reached my 200th post !!!! Hello 201 post and hope there are more post to come. 2012 is gonna end and I hope I will get some good news before this year end. 

Recently, trying to read bible and strengthen my FAITH. I wish I can read more to feed my soul. No one will know how you struggling in your life, sometimes, we had to keep it inside because telling  seem not much help. Or maybe since young, I used to solve it by myself. But, I knew God is always listen to my prayer. I really want to give my thanks to God and the one who is always there to listen to me and help me gone through my "EMO" time. I wish deep inside of myself I'm strong too. I really want achieve something in my life. At least, to achieve what I dream since young. Yeah, I knew I can do it... hehe....Here I'm post another meaningful song which give me little hope when I was down. One of my favorite Taiwan group SHE ! They are finally out with their new song and back as a group. Looking forward to more good song from them :)

From this song, I feel that to reach a goal the passion is one of the most important element. If you want something, you will sacrifice everything to get it. No matter what obstacles that you are facing, as long you have the passion, nobody can get you down. Don't give up & hope this song will inspire you all  ^__^

Monday, November 19, 2012

阿嬷 80 大寿













我们一家,可惜爸爸不在 :(