Saturday, December 1, 2012

The very last month of 2012

Hello, December! Last month of 2012 and it was a festive month because Christmas is coming soon and it's holiday time. Write this post at LCCT while waiting for my mum and lil brother reach at 9pm. So, to kill my boredom I think of to blog.

Thanks to AA promotion that I can buy the cheap flght ticket to KL with only for RM 58 ( return). Hope we will have more fun and create lots of memory in this busy city.

Sitting at starbucks while charging my phone is so boring. All i can see here is it is FULL with people! I knew it's holiday season but seeing all different kind of people busy walking here and there make my time pass more faster I think
Should end my post here. By the way, enjoy the last month of 2012 people !!!

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