Thursday, December 13, 2012

Triple 12

What so special about 12.12.12? Other than the 12.12.12, this only happened once in 100 years time. To think carefully, it was so blessed to spend this special day with my loves one. Many couples choose for registration of marriage on such special date. But, there was some people in some part of this world was in sadness of losing their loved one.

Last night, it was so shocked when I read through a News about my ex-secondary teacher that passed away in a motorcycle accident. I hardly can remember her until a friend of mine remind me her about special characteristic. When she was teaching in my secondary school, she always wore long sleeve clothes and brought an umbrella with her. She was a gentle and cute teacher. From the news, she had entitled few years excellent teacher award. From the news, now only I knew the reason she always wore long sleeve clothes was because her job as a teacher make her should wear appropriately and time passed by it was like her habit to wear like that. This really inspired me regarding her passionate toward teaching. She set such a good role model before she teach others. I just can pray that her soul will rest in peace. RIP .. Miss Lee. :'(

So, back to the topic, last night went to Kent's Garden to have my dinner and it was my first try for food there. The environment was awesome since it was open air style. Besides that, the food was awesome. Tried out their fish and chip and it was not bad. I also tried my friend lamb chop surprisingly it was so GOOD ! Before that, i was bit worried that the lamb chop will got 羊骚味 but I was totally wrong. The meat was so juicy and it was cooked so well !

Kent's Garden

Fruit Salad as appetizer

The yummy LAMB CHOP !

Fish and chips. Love their fish!

It was an awesome Triple 12 night !!

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