Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012

2012 was an good year for me. I really want to thank God for everything that good or bad that happen in this year. So, let do some recap of happening event in 2012. ^.^

1. My 23rd birthday on 23.01.2012 which is the first day of Chinese New Year.

2. Wearing CHEONGSAM for the very first time in my life for CNY.

3. Get my dream phone - iphone after want it for so long (Thanks for my parents!)

4. Done my practical mean which  a step closer to graduate. Lucky to have such good supervisor.

5. Officially graduate on 14 October!

6. Tie's family gathering on my Ah Ma birthday.

6. My very first lace maxi dress.

7. Cut my hair short after n-years.

8. Instax camera as my toy! Thank you for the gift .

9. Papa is flying back so far and attend my graduation day.

10. Melaka and KL trip with my brother and mummy. Conquer the KL tower!

-Bye 2012- ^^

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