Monday, December 10, 2012

Trip to KL

It was my first trip with my mum and my little brother. Actually, can't believe that I managed to grab the cheap fare half year ago. My little brother was the most excited one during the trip since it was his first time to KL. Unfortunately, I didn't managed to bring him to go Genting Highland. Wish there is another chance to bring him there next time.

The only regret in this trip is I choose to bring the digital camera instead of the DSLR! I choose to bring the small and light digital camera. GOSH ! Never ever do the same mistake people !

I think we went to almost all of the shopping mall in KL. I knew it impossible to go to all the mall because the mall was big and so much to SHOP ! Moreover, I love all the christmas decoration in the mall. 

 @Sg Wang Plaza



@mid valley megamall


 @Times Square

Lots of Christmas Tree !

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