Thursday, November 22, 2012


Weeeee...... I had reached my 200th post !!!! Hello 201 post and hope there are more post to come. 2012 is gonna end and I hope I will get some good news before this year end. 

Recently, trying to read bible and strengthen my FAITH. I wish I can read more to feed my soul. No one will know how you struggling in your life, sometimes, we had to keep it inside because telling  seem not much help. Or maybe since young, I used to solve it by myself. But, I knew God is always listen to my prayer. I really want to give my thanks to God and the one who is always there to listen to me and help me gone through my "EMO" time. I wish deep inside of myself I'm strong too. I really want achieve something in my life. At least, to achieve what I dream since young. Yeah, I knew I can do it... hehe....Here I'm post another meaningful song which give me little hope when I was down. One of my favorite Taiwan group SHE ! They are finally out with their new song and back as a group. Looking forward to more good song from them :)

From this song, I feel that to reach a goal the passion is one of the most important element. If you want something, you will sacrifice everything to get it. No matter what obstacles that you are facing, as long you have the passion, nobody can get you down. Don't give up & hope this song will inspire you all  ^__^

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