Friday, January 27, 2012

My CNY Birthday

2012 is a year which I had waiting for so long since it will be a special year for me. 23 January the first day of Chinese New Year and it was my 23rd BIRTHDAY ! It was really lucky for me to celebrate this two big event on the same day :)

Even though it was just a small and simple celebration, I still felt so blessed to celebrate it with my family this year. 

1. First surprise - Smurf Cake

2. Second surprise- Tupperware water bottle

See any difference from the pictures above? Yeah, it all blue.. what a coincidence ! But who care, I like it ! :)

We had celebrate my birthday together with the chinese new year eve reunion dinner. Lots of food and love :)

 Love mum cooking !

 Officially 23! OMG... im so old ><

 Thank you my dear mummy :)

Mum say smurf look better without the top cream .. lol

Chinese New Year first day

1st day with beloved mum

Chinese New Year second day :)

 Mum, ah ma and me

 Our first picture with her in 2012 <3

Birthday gift from my best friend :D

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