Monday, June 14, 2010

Cognitive Science

I finally had finished my first year in cognitive science. I still had 2 more years to go. During this first year, it really had been a really tough time since I'm taking a totally rare course. I am sure you all also haven heard of this kind of course in Malaysia. Even when I chose course to enter university, I also din saw this course. I thought I am the only one dunno about this course. But surprisingly almost all my coursemate also know nothing about Cognitive Science. Pity for all of us and for the coming batch of my junior.

When my family or relatives and friends are asking what course I am taking now, I just can answer based on what I had learned in Introduction in Cognitive Science. "It is something like study of human mind and try relate human mind to computer stuff" Then they sure ask more "What that?" It make me no idea how to further explain about it. Anyway this is what I get from Wiki about the definition of cognitive science. Hope you all can understand it ...hahaha....

"Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of how information is represented and transformed in the brain. 
It consists of multiple research disciplines including psychology,artificial intelligence, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistic and anthropology."

 I wonder why I should learn all this

Only UNIMAS offer this course as core subject in Malaysia. It sounds "wow" and I dunno should feel grateful to get such "special" course or feel the other way. Sometimes, I really wonder how I can finish my first year. Before this, I was major in Bio when I at KML while as cognitive science is course which consists of computer science and psychology. OH NO!!!! I really not good in computer stuff and I hate it. For my programming, I just always memorize all the program. I know programming is not like biology which you can memorize. But I really dun have other ways than MEMORIZE it.

For now I just hope I can finish my degree and get good result so that I can pursue my master in course that I like. Wonder what will happen this coming two years because I still need to face all the programming stuff. =( 

Anyway, I really wish all my coursemate GOOD LUCK and BE STRONG so that we can conquer this course...=)


Emilly Amisa said...

OMG~ fliani....
I totally agree wit u.... I also duno if i should feel grateful entering this one and only course... and I realise dat I dont feel grateful at all!!! this is the first tym I feel so unlucky to get such course. but get into uni is everyone's dreams... we were lucky to get into unimas though but not Cognitive Sci!!!
anyway, like u said, GOOD LUCK to all of us~ :D

fliani said...

yea...GOOD LUCK to u emily..=)