Friday, June 4, 2010

Sister's Love

Today is the second day my sister at KML. I know that she sure will be very lonely there.
Reason are:

-she is the second intake 
-only her is success for the appeal (most of her secondary friend din get even after appeal)
-no laptop 
-no internet
-no friend

All the reason above enough to make her more homesick !!!

Anyone who was ex-KML sure know that it famous because KML always no water!!!! My sister tell me that friday, saturday and sunday will be no water. Then, she told me that during evening her block started blackout.....OMG....KML....u still with the old looks...even older I think. When are you gonna upgrade???

When sms with her, she told me she really homesick. As her big sister, I only can tell her to be strong and take care since she din ate for few days. She just ate bread and drink milo. I just can share my experience to her and accompany her so that she wont feel so lonely. Stacy....u must be strong !!! I know u can do it !!!! JIA YOU !!!!

Miss u !!!!
Take care my sister...I will support u!!!


G_rage_T said...

i like this post...meaningful...
hopefully she won't cry...
hopefully she was strong to face the challenge that came towards her...
study hard sis...I KNOW YOU CAN!!!

Emilly said...

OMG~ KML is still the old KM-HELL laa....
Burden students only...
hope ur sis will be ok...^^v

fliani said...

emily: hope so...thanks for ur concern^^

Stacy Vang's said...

liking liking T__T