Monday, May 31, 2010

Foochow "White Rice Stick"

It was so long time I do not prepare breakfast for my family. So it my time to show my talent..hahaha....

I decide to cook the foochow white rice stick. First, you need to immerse the rice stick with water for around 12 hours. So you need at least prepare it a night before you want cook it.

Finely chop the red onion and garlic

Cut the leek

Slice some chicken
*meat or pork also can be used
Prepare some eggs

Above are the ingredients that you need before start to cook the rice stick.

Cooking Time
Heat the wok
Put some oil

Fry the red onions and garlic until yellowish
Put in the chicken
Fry the eggs and leek. Lastly put the rice stick and fry it for some time.

Finally, the Rice Stick is DONE

Cant wait to try my own cook breakfast!! It not that bad.....=)
*Hope you all can try it at home because it is simple to prepare.



Emilly Amisa said...

oo.... i want to try ^^ thanks fliani for the recipe hehe :D

fliani said...

hehe...ur welcome...
then good luck yea..=)
dun forget to tell me after u try it...