Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day

This morning I wake quite early because gonna accompany mummy to go tinted the car door's mirror. When we arrive there, 3 of us blur since we are all girls and we dunno anything about the tinted thing. So after talk with the salesman then we make the decision to choose the silver color while the front mirror is tinted black. After 1 hour like that, it finally done. When see them doing it, it not that though.  Just that it need some skill. Overall, it look quite nice..=)  and front seat also seem more cooler than before even though the weather is hot.Then mummy say want go eat "dim sum". So as usual, we go to 2020 at pelita area to eat dim sum. Mum and sister keep forcing me  finish it all because when I back to Kuching, it hard for me to out and eat all that. That why  I love Miri!!! I can eat anything I want and go anywhere I wish.  

 mummy is busy explaining while sis kacau2
 messy hair

 鸡脚-*thumbs up*...they cook it until really soft

wonder what is this but the sambal is spicy


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