Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleepless Nite

I had finished my exam on last Thursday but my flight was on 5th of May. It mean I still have few more days to back to my sweet home. It was so boring in these few days....I WANT GO BACK!!! I am so desperate to go for a movie but so hard to find an accompany. The worse thing was this few night it was so hard for me to sleep. Even though my eyes felt heavy, I still could not sleep. Wish someone can sing song for me so that I can sleep easily. I think my panda eyes were getting darker and darker....(but panda is cute right??hahaha)

Recently, I am addict with the GIMP (photo editor). It function is some sort like photoshop and I find it is really interesting to use GIMP. Here are some photos edit by me....It not so nice since I am just a beginner...I will try improve my skill in this 2 months holiday...=)

vintage effect
simple header
photo tearing

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