Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Homie

No matter where I go, home is still my most love place. 050510(720pm)- finally I had reached to Miri after my flight was delayed for 2 hours. But after see my lil brother and sister were waiting me with my parents, all the unhappy things I also forgot already...hahaha...When back to hometown, the most important things is----> FOOD!!!! I was craving all the nice food for few months. Another most important thing is celebration of Mother's Day. This year was so special since my parents celebrated the Mother's Day for both of my grandmother. So let photos reveal all the happening moment in this few days..^^

                                                              I'm going home=)

                                             the redeem from MAS,forget take food pic 

                                                       dad it!!!
                                               TEA BOX!!! cnt find this in Kuching

                                          The Best Mee Sua in Miri for this moment
                                                        (intro by my parents)
                                                     My notty little brother
                                                chocolate cake for grandmother
                                                            piggy sister..haha
                                                Mummy say "Open the mouth big big"
                                                  pity my done by mummy

I really wish I can stay at my home forever and not just for this two months...hehe....gotcha upload more and more interesting memory for this 2 months holiday !!!!


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