Monday, May 10, 2010

A Sad Morning

I wake up around 430am this morning by my sister. I dunno when was the last time I woke so early..hahaha....But I wake so early is because today daddy gonna go back to Solomon Islands to work and his flight is 6.20 a.m. After around 1 month at Miri, it was time for daddy to go work again. It mean we all at least need  to wait 1 more years then can see daddy again (Oh is a long long time to wait) Everyone are very sad. Daddy also not really want to go actually but he still need to work and earn money for my family. This make me want fast fast graduate and work so that daddy can retire early^^ Anyway, for this moment it is important for me study hard and graduate as first honour degree. Just hope daddy can arrive there safely and work safely. May God bless him. MISS U DAD !!!

                                                              Morning looks....haha

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