Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sparklers Shimmering Grey

It had been so long I'm not update my blog. This few days  I go out from day and back at night. I was busy helped my sister prepared her stuff because she was going to labuan for further her study. When saw her prepared her stuff, it make so miss KML!!! She was so lucky since she was selected for the second intake. She just had one week to prepare all stuff before fly to labuan next wednesday. 

Besides bought her stuff, I'm also not excluded. When we were shopping I dragged her to accompany me to buy a new pairs of contact lens. The promoter promote to us the new 4 color of the FreshKon. I was attracted to the lens because of its price...hahaha...The promoter told us that they had promotion since it was new release. After spent some time to make choice, I finally decided to buy....



the Sparklers Shimmering Grey

it different with the old types of color fusion coz it have ring which make ur eyes bigger ^^

Here are some pictures of me with the the Sparklers Shimmering Grey.

This is the first time I am using grey. For me, the color look just so-so. I more like my purple lens before this...hehehe




Edward said...

Too good to be true?- see it for yourself.

FreshKon® Colors Fusion Sparklers ~ 8 pairs for about $16 each :)

fliani said...

thx 4 da info...:)