Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby in the house

Wake me up when September !! Yeah, it is September now. A month which I am not so so so so LIKEY. September means that I have to back to UNI soon, start my Final Year Project (FYP) , start my hectic student life with lots of assignment and exam. And I just can say I am NOT prepare for all this  =X Arghhh... how come the 4 months holidays can end just like that ???  I have to enjoy my last 12 days before back to Kch. That the only thing I can do for the moment.

So, let start this month by introducing the new baby !!!! ( I guess it is not a surprise anymore because I had posted the picture at my fb.)

Anyway, for my other readers who does not know what is new baby I'm talking about. Let me describe it a bit. It is black in color. Have a sexy body. Once you hold it you will never want to let it down. I was surprised when mummy decided to new baby. It had been all my siblings dream to have it.

 The new baby is ------ > EOS 550D !!!

I am so in love with the new baby now.

Ignore the dust :D

There is lots to learn how to take nice picture.

Hope the new baby can help us take lots of memories soon :)


♥strawberry said...

wow. Nice cam. I also want to get a DSLR. But other than money constraint, it's also too heavy for me to camwhore myself or bring it along all the time. @_@

How much did you buy it?

Fliani said...

Thank you ! Bought it around 3k include the lens :)