Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Rise of The Planet of Apes

It's good to meet you all again !!! :) A day out with my girls. 

Front : Me, Linda and Eli
Back: Carol and Voon Hui

It's easier to take picture at toilet's big mirror :) 

Spent my evening with them watch "The Rise of The Planet of Apes". 

We all were really enjoyed the movie. Caesar ( the ape) was so smart !!!! All of us felt that there were lots of moral value you can learn from this movie. Human always will become greedy when they was just achieve a little bit of success. From the movie, it can tell to all the scientist that animal and human is still not the same. Everything can't just be proved through experiment :)

Take turn to take picture since there no others can help us take. Hahaha... I wonder what people will think we were doing at that time.

It was so great spent time to chit chat with my girls ! Hope to see u girls till next time =)

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